Did you know that your appetite is a direct result of how much sugar you eat? In other words if you eat less sugar, you won't be hungry. And, isn't that the key to being able to stick to a diet?? The truth is that you are eating foods packed with hidden sweeteners that deliver a belly-fattening Sugar/Carb Value.

Sunday, February 13

Thoughts today

Well it's been a couple of days since I have posted. I have been busy, but I haven't fallen off the wagon!

I succeeded with those ribs I was writing about. I used 12 ounces of really flavorful beer that had an undertone of cherries. The beer had 3 carbs for the entire pot of ribs and NO SUGAR! And, it was so good. Hubby said it was a keeper.

So, here is what I did:

In slow cooker:

1 onion, sliced
1 ounce dried porcini mushrooms, crush in your hands
2 pounds country style pork ribs
1 6 ounce can tomato paste
3 cloves of garlic crushed
12 ounces robust beer, preferably with a fruit undertown

Set on high and cook for 5-6 hours.



Friday, February 11

Daily Thoughts

Today I am reading through a great cookbook called "500 Low Carb Recipes" by Dana Carpender. I am looking for methods as well as recipes. One specific thing I was looking for was ideas for making ribs or anything that cries out for a BBQ sauce.

Since most BBQ sauces are full of sugar, I was looking for more natural ways to sweeten tomatoes and vinegar without sugar. I didn't find the answer in the book, but I was reminded that one of our favorite ways to enjoy ribs was to cook them in a slow cooker with diet soda. The soda does 2 things. First it tenderizes the meat; it's the carbonation that does that. And, it sweetens the meat from the artificial sweetness in the soda. It doesn't really work on the stove or in the oven with diet soda because bringing aspartame to a boil makes it very bitter. But a slow cooker slowly cooks/heats it so all you get is the sweetness.

Tonight is one of our favorite local bands at a place only 1 mile away. We will eat dinner before we go, so it will be a very cheap night out.


End of Day Count (yesterday!)

Well it's only 18 hours late for my end of day count for yesterday.

Carb 130.62 (7 servings) (out of 120 or 6 servings)
Sugar 9.07 (out of 15)

So I was way under for sugar and a bit over for carbs. I have not been getting enough fiber rich foods in my carbs, so yesterday I had brown rice and red beans in my lunch. It was a good compromise. But, I am still learning how to do it all.

Still losing. Tomorrow I will have another weigh in, but I think I have hit a new mark!! The seat belt in both cars hooks easily and I will be moving that goal from short term, to completed today!!


Thursday, February 10

Daily Thoughts

Well it's mid afternoon and I am just getting to the checking in here. I am waiting for my dinner to be ready and it smells luscious. It is cooking in the rice cooker. It is a Mexican style rice and chicken that I made up myself. If you are also following my cooking blog, it is actually something that was planned for next week, but got moved up because at 11AM I discovered the the item scheduled for today takes 6 hours in the slow cooker and we eat dinner around 3.

Anyhow, it's got yellow rice, chicken, bell pepper, hot frying peppers, red kidney beans, onions, garlic and lots of other seasonings too. It is YUMMY! Very filling and totally simply filling if you are following Weight Watchers. That's not the way I am counting right now, but in many ways it is similar. I am actually using the information I have learned from many eating plans (I don't want to say the "D" word) to choose my foods. I think that's why I am being successful. I am not following someone else's plan, I am learning to figure it out myself.

There are a few reasons I eat dinner at lunch time. First it works well for our schedule. I tutor in the late afternoons and don't get home till 8:30PM. Who wants to start cooking dinner then? Plus it's unhealthy to eat a big meal that late. Also, on the nights we like to go out for music, it's far better to have our big meal before we go. That way the night out costs little to nothing.

We will be heading out tonight to see friends of ours perform at a local restaurant. Here is a no recipe recipe for those who like to go out and have a drink now and then. Take a shot of whipped cream flavored vodka and mix it with diet coke or seltzer. YUMMY! And then each time you are half way down the glass, have the bar tender keep filling the glass with ice and more diet coke or seltzer. Also tastes great with decaf coffee and lots of ice. Use Splenda if you need to sweeten it. No sugar and only 3 carbs.

One of my dogs hasn't been feeling well and that has been very stressful. I think he is better today, although he hasn't started to eat or drink yet and that worries me. He will get a bath later to clean him up and I am hoping that perks him up enough to eat. Although he is such a wimpy dog, he will probably pout for a few hours after the bath first. Just giving him a bath will be a work out for the day.

Well that's enough babbling. I need to get our dinner and will write in my ending day numbers later.


Wednesday, February 9

End of Day Count

Carbs 133.44 or 6 servings (out of 6 servings)
Sugar 16.68 grams (out of 15)

And, my day included an awesome Baked Ravioli Lasagna.

I am down 14.5 pounds in the last 9 days!!! I am so excited, I almost don't believe it. I know this rate of loss won't last forever, but it sure is motivating.


Morning Check-in

Today is very cold here. The wind is whistling and I have the sniffles and a bad throat. Today is a day of comfort food; and it's all within my limits!

The congestion is causing me to have such a headache. I can't take a decongestant because of my blood pressure. Can't wait till I don't have to worry about that any more. I do believe it is 100% caused by my weight.

I won big at the Trivia Night last night. We had a blast besides. It's always fun to spend a night out that costs little to nothing.

More later....


End of Day Count - Yesterdays!

Carbs 71.22 - 4 servings (out of 6)
Sugar 24.98 (out of 15)

WOW!! Did I go over the sugar. But carbs were under. I had an awesomely delicious salad for dinner. Spinach, chicken, gorgonzola cheese, and walnuts - all things I am supposed to eat. But, it had grapes in it. Not many grapes but just enough to go over the sugar by almost 67%. So, live and learn. Next time I have that salad, the grapes are NOT in it.


Tuesday, February 8

Morning Check-IN

It's kind of late for a morning check in, but I have been busy planning my menus and ordering groceries. Tonight is Trivia Night! I usually win enough to pay for the night out, so we don't want to miss it. The place we go puts out a huge display of free appetizers. I am hoping they do the same as last time with many proteins (chicken and scallops) and not as many breaded and fried things. Although I can eat the fried things, I can't eat them if they are breaded. And, truth be told, I would rather eat better than "fried".

I started my day with a plain fat free yogurt, which as I have shared before uses up 12 of my 15 grams of sugar because dairy is full of lactose. I will adjust the rest of the day accordingly.

Yesterday was an extraordinarily stressful day, so the fact that I didn't over eat is a victory in itself. Today should be much better.


Monday, February 7

End of Day Count

Tough day today emotionally, but the numbers are good.

Carbs 121.83 grams or 6 servings (out of 6 servings)
Sugar 13.11 grams (out of 15)


End of Day Count

Today's Count was another good one. A bit over the sugar count again, but quite a bit under the carb count. The stew I made was so filling, that all I needed tonight was popcorn and a string cheese.

Carbs 82.9 grams or 5 servings (out of 6)
Sugar 19.51 grams (out of 15)

I had a yogurt for breakfast. It was fat and sugar free, but dairy has lactose in it and lactose is sugar. I am back to the egg breakfasts tomorrow. I think I am going to try doing the fruit/dairy exchanges on the weekends only or at least only 2-3 times a week so it doesn't get to be a habit.


Sunday, February 6

2 Short Term Goals Met

I am proud to announce that I can move 2 of my short term goals to accomplishments. I have successfully lost 10 pounds. Actually 11.5 to be exact!!

And, I made it through a weekend keeping with the plan. Yes, it's Sunday and the weekend isn't over, but we are home today and all the meals are planned to be within my limits.

Congrats to me!!!!!!


End of Day Count (yesterday!)

Lots of empty calories yesterday in the form of wine and vodka. Although there is no sugar in either of them, and only 3 carbs per glass in the wine. However with that it mind, I stayed below in the carb count and above in the sugar count by a small bit, due to the grapefruit for breakfast. So, it was a GREAT DAY!!! And, I can take 2 more goals off my list.

Carbs 82.89 grams (5 servings) (out of 6 servings allowed)
Sugar 19.67 grams (out of 15 grams allowed)


Morning Check-IN

Well, it's 2PM and I am doing a morning check-in. No, I didn't sleep till now. I actually was up at 7. I didn't feel very well though, so I have been on the couch watching food network and then the Super Bowl pre-game. I also didn't do a count last night. I will do that in a few.

It was an awesome day yesterday! Great numbers, and good out to music night.

Today is beef vindaloo for dinner. It is a very, very spicy dish from southeast India. That area has influences from the Portuguese, hence the beef. I can smell it cooking now and even the fragrance is spicy. As my niece Carole said at our wedding reception, when she was only 2 1/2 and was licking all the spicy cocktail sauce off the shrimp, "Spicy, HMMM, It's so good!"

OK, Going back to the count for yesterday!


Saturday, February 5

Morning Check-IN

Just finished my coffee and my grapefruit. Boy did that citrus flavor go well with my slightly stuffy nose. Vitamins sure work wonders.

My dinner today is a Weight Watchers cook book recipe, called Green Chili Chicken. I am making it in the rice cooker. Nice and spicy and full of vitamins and fiber with chickpeas.

I am watching my normal Saturday morning cooking channel shows. I especially look forward to The Spice Goddess at 11AM on Saturdays. Bal Arneson is amazing as she teaches how to cook beyond salt and pepper. There is a link to one of her latest cookbooks on the left of this post.


Friday, February 4

End of Day Count

Today's Count:

Carbs 49.70 grams or 3 servings (out of 6 servings)
Sugar 6.61 grams (out of 15)

EXCELLENT and room for my grapefruit tomorrow morning!


Thoughts on a Friday Evening

Well, 5 days have come and almost gone. I feel successful. I didn't get back up the two flights to weight myself and make sure the number I saw yesterday wasn't an anomaly, but I will do that tomorrow.

I got a grocery delivery today that included string cheese and walnuts. Both are recommended snacks that are high in protein, low in carbs and no sugar. I haven't felt the need for a snack yet though.

I planned my meals for tomorrow already so that I could fit in a grapefruit for breakfast. I will go over the sugar grams by about 4. But, I can't afford to throw them away and the vitamin c will be good for the stuffy nose that is starting tonight.

I have a few new recipes to try in the next four days. That makes me very happy, because I love to cook. I will post them with their respective carb and sugar content as I make them.

I will post my finishing counts for the day in a few hours. It is under again. All the more reason I think the grapefruit for breakfast is a good idea!


Morning Check-IN

While I drink my coffee and watch the cooking channel, I thought I would share my evening from last night and plans for today.

After 4 days of snow and ice, we were a bit stir crazy and decided to go to a very close lounge for live music. I didn't think I would eat anything, cause I wasn't hungry when we left. I had quite a few carbs left for the day, so I investigated my white wine and discovered that it was only 3 carbs per 5 ounce serving and no sugar at all!

We ended up getting Caesar salads with grilled chicken breast(without the croutons). The Caesar salad had a trace of carbs, no sugar. And I also had 1 1/2 glasses of wine. So, it was a successful night out and I can take that short term goal off my list.

I will say that I was very annoying to the bartender and perhaps the chef too, because I asked about how they made their Caesar dressing and if they put anything besides spices/herbs on the chicken breast before grilling. But I am very pleased that I was assertive enough to ask. That is generally not like me.

I have also looked up chicken wings. It seems that I can have Buffalo wings as long as they aren't first coated in a bread crumb or batter before frying. I can even dip in the blue cheese if I make sure they have used mayonnaise and not sour cream as the base and no sugar added. Dairy has so much natural sugar.

I will say that the biggest change last night, was that I was conscious of every single sip/bite that went into my mouth. Normally I eat as if I am sleep walking and have no clue what goes in.

OK, I left the best for last. I am not sure I should even write about it until I check today to be sure I wasn't seeing things yesterday. I weighed myself yesterday afternoon and it look like I am down 10.5 pounds!!! I can't believe it!! The book did say it was possible to lose 9-13 pounds in the first week, but I am only on day 5. I am so excited I can't tell you. I will be checking today to make sure it wasn't an anomaly.

Off to food planning for the day. My grocery delivery is due in about an hour.


Yesterday's Ending Count

Ending count for Thursday 2/3/2012

Carbs 32.74 grams - 2 servings (out of a possible 6)
Sugar 15.19 grams - (out of a possible 15)

I ate vegetables that I love and used up my sugar, so I didn't have enough left to have all my carbs. It was a conscious choice. I wasn't hungry!


Thursday, February 3

First Complaint

I shared before that I wasn't a fruit eater. But, I am a vegetable eater. I can probably list on less than one hand the vegetables I don't like. I LOVE MOST OF THEM!!

I am having a hard time fitting the veggies I love into the 15 grams of sugar. Today I am eating a raw green pepper as my vegetable with dinner. Just the one pepper has 5 grams of sugar. My hubby is having carrots with his dinner. Two baby carrots have 1 gram of sugar. So, that isn't too bad. But, 1 cup of peas has over 8 grams of sugar. I had 7 grams of sugar worth of cauliflower in my frittata for breakfast.

While I fully understand the sugar issues, I am having a difficult time getting my mind around too many vegetables being my enemy. I will have to see some amazing results in order to completely buy into this particular requirement.

I do love being able to eat all the chicken I want for lunch today though.

Morning Check-IN

WOW!! I had a really good night sleep. Now, good for me is probably relative to most folks. I went to sleep at 1:15 AM and didn't get up for the first bathroom trip until 6:15. Went back to bed, but I can't fall asleep once the sun is up so I just rested for another hour. Now, 5 hours is a good thing!!!

I also think I have some improvement in my knees and ankles already. Now, I know that seems impossible, but as a very wise loving cousin told me, even if it's in my mind, it is a good thing because feeling better is mostly in the mind anyhow. I do see a commercial pretty regularly that has a man doing a break dance and the caption is something like "Every pound you lose is 15 pounds of pressure off your knees." I might have those numbers off, but next time I see the commercial I will pay more attention. So, it is possible that I actually do feel better.

Now, I discovered I left off a few goals, which I will add today. I live in a town house style home. That basically means 3 floors. My knees usually hurt way to much for me to walk upstairs to my bedroom more than once a day. And, quite a few days, even once isn't possible. The scale however is up there and since my knees feel better, I may go up there and see if I get any positive feedback from the box of balances and numbers. I will be sure and post some numbers when I have them.

Drinking my coffee and watching the Cooking Channel and I will write more later.


Wednesday, February 2

End of Day Count

Today was much easier than yesterday. And, I seemed to have found the balance with adding carbs and staying below in sugar.

Carbs - 94.53 grams or 5 servings (out of 6)
Sugar - 6.42 grams (out of 15)


Eating Dinner and Catching Up

My dinner tonight is really tasty. I put 3 already cooked, but frozen, boneless skinless chicken breasts in my rice cooker. I put in 2 rice cooker cups of red rice and 3 cups of frozen spinach and 3 1/2 cups of water. I added 2 tablespoons Vietnamese garlic chili sauce and 2 tablespoons of butter. Cooked on brown rice setting until done. It is very very good and far more filling than I expected. I can have as much of the chicken as I want and 3 cups of the rice mixture. WOW! Almost too much.

It is probably mind over matter, but I think I am actually moving easier tonight than I have in a long time. And, I haven't taken my Aleve yet today.

I don't eat fruit much. There are so many that I don't like. But last week, they were on special and I bought grapefruits. I have 5 left and I don't want them to go to waste, but each one has 20 carbs and 18 of that is sugar. I don't like wasting food and I certainly can't afford it either, so I am not sure what I will do.

I am far more satisfied tonight than I was last night. I wasn't hungry last night, but I was craving something sweet. None of that tonight!

Well, I will be posting my ending numbers a bit later tonight. I did well!


Morning Check-IN

I am drinking my morning coffee, with CREAM and enjoying watching the Food Network. It is so icy outside that I am glad I won't have to go anywhere today.

I slept better than I have in a long time last night. I still had to get up often to empty my bladder. I am hoping that it doesn't take that long before the fat pressing on my bladder is lessened enough for me to be able to sleep through at least 6 hours and maybe more. I do understand that my poor sleeping habits contribute to my weight and emotional health.

I'll be writing more later about my plans for food today. And, I am going to try and play my Wii for at least 30 minutes today. I don't have Wii Fit, but any movement is better than what i am already doing, which is NOTHING!


Tuesday, February 1

End of Day Count

Carbs 59.71 (out of a possible 120)
Sugar 10.25 (out of a possible 15)

I think there is a possibility that if I keep going under this much, it won't be a good thing. But for today it is awesome to me!!

And, I can remove one of my short term goals which was to make it through one full day and replace it with another.


Carb withdrawal has started

I did have carbs for dinner in the form of a small potato and 1/2 cup of carrots. I also had quite a bit of lean roast pork. I am not hungry. But, I have a need for something sweet. Since I am NOT a dessert eater, I know that this is part of the carb withdrawal.

I am going to get through this by reversing the thought process from something that I am missing to thinking about how wonderful it is that my body is getting rid of those sugars that I don't need. After all, it's the sugar that fuels my insulin and keeps me hungry and fat. It has only taken 36 hours for my body to purge it! OUT OUT DAMN SPOT!! Ok, I am no Lady Macbeth. I am just marveling at the way the body works.

I will be posting my carb/sugar count for the day shortly.


Kindle Version of the Carb/Sugar counter book is useless

Just in case others are also trying to use their Kindles, instead of a paper copy of the Belly Fat Cure, here is a warning. The main book is great on the Kindle. There is an additional support book with charts to help you count the sugar and carbohydrates. That book is useless on Kindle. The charts are pictures, so the sizing of the font can't be changed with the font size button on the Kindle. They are so small that even with a magnifying glass I can't read them.


Afternoon thoughts

So much of my life is wrapped around food. I wake up thinking about it. I plan menus and fill out Peapod orders and watch cooking shows and list new recipes I want to try. I know that I eat not just because I am hungry, but also because I like food. And, I love to cook.

I need to find other things to do. I do have many interests, but I have been isolated lately. A big reason for the isolation is financial. After nearly 2 years of unemployment for my husband, there are many activities that have been eliminated. But, some of what is eliminated is by choice because of a depression. Much of the depression is caused by my weight. So, I figure if I force myself to do some of them, I will feel better. And, then of course as I lose weight, I will want to do more of them and hopefully it will become habit again.

One of the many things I like to do is read. I have started to read again. I can't decide though whether to read a few Danielle Steel books that have been hanging around here or a Sue Grafton book on my Kindle. Such tough decisions. When I used to read all the time I was up to date on each of them. I always read them in order. Now, I don't really consider myself to be a perfectionist or anal retentive, but for some reason I feel like I can't start a new one cause I don't remember where I left off.

Reading over that paragraph makes me sound really pathetic. I have to laugh at myself. I think the solution to the books is to read a totally different one so I don't have to figure out where to start again.

I also want to start playing the piano regularly again. Although I will probably be selling it shortly and part of me is afraid to get attached to it again. I will miss it.


An OMG Moment

As I discover things that amaze me I am going to post them. Perhaps everyone but me already knows these things, but just in case.

I was making my husband's peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today. It's definitely his favorite sandwich. Anyhow, I had no intention of eating any of it, but now I am in the habit of reading labels.

Did you know that peanut butter has 2x the amount of sugar/carbs per serving as jelly?????? I was shocked. While I surely knew there was sugar in most peanut butter, I would never have suspected that there was more sugar than in full sugar jelly. Mind you, there is no sugar in a peanut. It's all added and most is corn syrup. Even if you aren't looking to lose weight or eliminate belly fat, why would you want to eat a peanut butter that has more sugar than peanuts in it??? And yes, it was a very famous national brand.

I am again reminded of the Maya Angelou quote "when you know better, you do better."


Risingwoods Vinaigrette

A delightfully flavorful vinaigrette made from the natural flavors of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts.

* 6 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
* 1 tablespoon serving maple syrup
* 1 tbsp garlic clove, minced
* 1 tsp leaves oregano
* 1 tsp black pepper
* 1 tbsp sage
* 1/2 cup peanut oil


1. Mix all ingredients except oil in a cruet. Shake to mix. Add the oil and shake again. Shake each time it is served to mix all ingredients well.


This makes 8 servings, Each serving is 2 tablespoon.

Each serving: 2 grams sugar, 3 grams carbs


It's good to learn new things

So, I planned through my menu for today. I learned a few things that I never knew. My favorite lite salad dressing from Wish Bone has almost 5 grams of sugar per serving. Who knew??

So, I do love making my own dressings and will make up a bunch of my favorite for my daily salads. I will post the recipe here later today.


Day 2 - A Full Day

Well since yesterday started with 1/4th of a birthday cake for breakfast, it wasn't truly a Belly Fat day. So, TADAH!! Yes, this is a full day of the Belly Fat Cure!

First thing I noticed is that I can't have my yogurt for breakfast. Even the non-fat and no-sugar variety has 25 grams of carbs. Milk is loaded with natural sugars and carbs. So, no yogurt today.

I can however have as many eggs as I want. So, I am lounging over my coffee and when I get hungry I will be making a brussels sprout frittata. At least I think I will. I have to check the carb content of brussels sprouts.

So, on to FatSecret to load in my plan for the day and check the numbers before I post what I will eat here. See you in a bit.