Did you know that your appetite is a direct result of how much sugar you eat? In other words if you eat less sugar, you won't be hungry. And, isn't that the key to being able to stick to a diet?? The truth is that you are eating foods packed with hidden sweeteners that deliver a belly-fattening Sugar/Carb Value.

Friday, February 4

Morning Check-IN

While I drink my coffee and watch the cooking channel, I thought I would share my evening from last night and plans for today.

After 4 days of snow and ice, we were a bit stir crazy and decided to go to a very close lounge for live music. I didn't think I would eat anything, cause I wasn't hungry when we left. I had quite a few carbs left for the day, so I investigated my white wine and discovered that it was only 3 carbs per 5 ounce serving and no sugar at all!

We ended up getting Caesar salads with grilled chicken breast(without the croutons). The Caesar salad had a trace of carbs, no sugar. And I also had 1 1/2 glasses of wine. So, it was a successful night out and I can take that short term goal off my list.

I will say that I was very annoying to the bartender and perhaps the chef too, because I asked about how they made their Caesar dressing and if they put anything besides spices/herbs on the chicken breast before grilling. But I am very pleased that I was assertive enough to ask. That is generally not like me.

I have also looked up chicken wings. It seems that I can have Buffalo wings as long as they aren't first coated in a bread crumb or batter before frying. I can even dip in the blue cheese if I make sure they have used mayonnaise and not sour cream as the base and no sugar added. Dairy has so much natural sugar.

I will say that the biggest change last night, was that I was conscious of every single sip/bite that went into my mouth. Normally I eat as if I am sleep walking and have no clue what goes in.

OK, I left the best for last. I am not sure I should even write about it until I check today to be sure I wasn't seeing things yesterday. I weighed myself yesterday afternoon and it look like I am down 10.5 pounds!!! I can't believe it!! The book did say it was possible to lose 9-13 pounds in the first week, but I am only on day 5. I am so excited I can't tell you. I will be checking today to make sure it wasn't an anomaly.

Off to food planning for the day. My grocery delivery is due in about an hour.


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