Did you know that your appetite is a direct result of how much sugar you eat? In other words if you eat less sugar, you won't be hungry. And, isn't that the key to being able to stick to a diet?? The truth is that you are eating foods packed with hidden sweeteners that deliver a belly-fattening Sugar/Carb Value.

Tuesday, February 1

End of Day Count

Carbs 59.71 (out of a possible 120)
Sugar 10.25 (out of a possible 15)

I think there is a possibility that if I keep going under this much, it won't be a good thing. But for today it is awesome to me!!

And, I can remove one of my short term goals which was to make it through one full day and replace it with another.


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  1. Great Day! And completion of one short term goal -- fabulous!

    I think you may be right about continuing to stay too far under on the carb/sugar counts...but you are just beginning your journey and you will develop a rhythm that works for you.



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